Best tires for Chevy Cruze

Are you a Chevy Cruze Owner? Here are some best tires for Chevy Cruze to look for
Cobalt was replaced by the Chevy Cruze in the year 2011 by General Motors and since then, the company has sold a quarter million Chevy Cruzes. Thus, the need for tire replacement is genuine and there have been several tires designed that fits the design and strength of this muscle car. Herein are some of the best Chevy Cruze tires to look for if you are a Chevy owner.
There are several models of Cruze and the tires mentioned below fits the Cruze variants like Eco, Fleet, CT z, 2LT, ILT and LS models.

1 . Michelin Defender.

Michelin Defender comes in all sizes compatible to Cruze models such as 215/60 R16, 215/55 RI 7, 225/50 RI 7 and 225/45 R18 sizes. It is one of the best Chevy Cruze tires to look for this season as it provides the vehicle the required stability while on the move, keeping the driver safe in all weather conditions. The stripes of the Michelin Defender are carved in such a manner that it offers more grip and friction when on a wet or a slippery surface.

2. Kumoho Ecsta PA31

It is the latest variant introduced by the company best suitable for the Chevy models. It also comes in different size models, however, unlike other Chevy tires; PA31 is more fluent and doesn't make any noise while on the move, hence, giving the vehicle a long-time stability. PA31 is designed keeping in mind higher street performance with high traction making it the best Chevy Cruze tires for all season.

3. Continental PureContact

Continental PureContact tires are known for providing the car whether it is a crossover, minivan, sedan or coupes the perfect handling experience. It is the best tire for touring all season as it provides increased fuel efficiency all round the year. It is composed of Eco Plus technology that makes the polymers in the tire to utilize other polymers to give the tire an improved treadwear.

4. General Altimax R T 43:

R T 43 comes with a warranty up to 75K miles, making it one of the best Chevy Cruze tires for the all-round season. It comes in all sizes from 215/60 R16, 215/55 R17, 225/50 R17 and 225/45 R18 and is compatible with all types of cars such as muscle cars like our Chevy Cruze and other sedans and minivans. It is composed of high-tech cushion silica tread that allows the vehicle to move freely on a slippery surface such as snowy roads or rainy weather conditions.

5. Falken Pro G4 A/S

If you are looking for a high-performance all-season tire, Falken Pro G4 AIS will suit your needs. It is highly compatible with almost every Cruze models and is designed to provide the drivers a better stability even while pacing fast. The manufacturers have paid a special interest in giving the tire extra biting edges so that in conditions like heavy snowfall or rainfall, the vehicle can move easily without slipping. The treadlife is longer than usual Chevy tires.

6. Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus.

It is an all-season tire compatible for almost every Chevy models. The tires are manufactured using the latest technology and provide a smooth performance on every kind of roads. On the other hand, what makes it the best Chevy Cruze tires is that it offers increased fuel efficiency to the vehicle with an increased treadlife. 


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