Truck Bed Bike Rack Guide

There are two things that never go out of style: staying fit and saving the environment. These two things are actually what bicycles can help you do. When you own a truck and want to have a bike that you can transport around wherever you go, it's quite difficult to follow through because first of all, you run the risk of messing up that paint job you invested in that truck makeover, or second, you don't need the added noise or clanking every time your truck hits a pothole or you drive through rough terrain.

Luckily, there are now truck bed bike racks that paves the way for that healthier and cleaner lifestyle we all should have. But just like any other life-changing decision, you need your full checklist, cross your t's and dot your i's before you go on and purchase that metal rack for your bike.

The Fundamentals 

1. What is your budget and how often will you be bringing your bike? 

- Quality should never be sacrificed, but you should also take into consideration the frequency on which you will be using the rack. If you intend to use it only once or twice, it might not make sense that you buy the most expensive in the market with all the bells and whistles. After all, you just need to be able to secure the bikes during transport and perhaps at stopovers. On the other hand though, if you intend to make this rack a part of your daily life, then you will need to put the more expensive ones into your options. Of course, it's not exactly the one time purchase anyone can make, so best to look for stores that let you pay in installments or those that give off discounts.

2. Why is brand reputation important? 

- What you should also take into great consideration are the brands' reputation. One way to determine the reliability and quality of the racks and to shortlist brands is to research on which ones have the most and best reviews. Take a look at this comprehensive review on which bike racks would be best based on what you require.

3. Are all racks compatible with the truck? 

- You should also keep in mind the compatibility of the rack to your bike and of course your truck. For you to know this, you will need specific dimensions of your truck bed and of course the bikes that you want to transport on a regular basis. Most racks offer flexibility when it comes to installation and its carrying capability, but best to guarantee this from the start.


Once you are done with the fundamentals, you will need to think about the features that you will need for your rack. Here are 5 main features that you will need to consider.

1. Carrying capacity - This is simply determining how many bikes you will need to carry. Some racks can only accommodate one bike, while some can load up to 4 bikes.
2. Locking system - Security is very important, both from intentional and unintentional loss. It is very important that you check how secure your bike will be regardless whether you are in transit or while you are stopped and leave your truck unattended
3. Installation/ Weight - There are some racks that might be confusing to install even when you have the manual in front of you. It is also very important that you take a look at the easy-install racks to save time. Of course much consideration will come from the weight - the lighter, the better. Another weight consideration reason is so that storage becomes hassle free for days when you don't need the rack on your truck.
4. Padding - Whether it's padding or a bed lining, it's always nice to get that plus feature that everyone is just waiting to hear. It might not be necessary, but it definitely gives that particular rack a leg up in the selection process.
5. Durability - Last but definitely not the least, the durability is important. Just like deciding to use a bike for a long time, you will need a rack that can support that.

Rack Maintenance 

Ensure that you maximize the life of your racks by regularly maintaining them. Here are quick tips on how:
1. Regular cleaning - Make sure that you regularly clean your rack. Especially when you use it everyday, the rack will definitely wear out much faster. Refer to your rack manual on how to clean it and how often you need to do maintenance.
2. Extra lock - An extra lock will also help give you that peace of mind especially when you go to areas where you're not entirely sure of the security of your bike that's clearly exposed to the world. You know what they say, it's better to be safe than sorry.
When done right, purchasing and owning a bike rack mostly has benefits. As opposed to other ways to store or transport your bikes using a truck, a rack is definitely something that you should invest in.
1. You no longer need to dismantle your bike just to fit it into that rack. After all, having a bike is supposed to make things easier for you and having to dismantle while in transport and re-assemble it defeats the purpose of having a bike.
2. With the new design and features of bike racks, you will definitely have more space for cargo, and in some cases, even passengers. 


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